Sunset Sounds

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Hypnotic Mountain Trip with The Found Sound Orchestra

The Found Sound Orchestra - Mountain People

The Found Sound Orchestra – Mountain People

If John Peel could play favourites then so can I. This is another track from The Found Sound Orchestra, who are currently on a roll judging by this hypnotic, dreamy trip into the mountains. Free to download!

XY Outro – The Found Sound Orchestra

Doesn’t the start of this sound familiar? It’s Guess-the-Sample time with The Found Sound Orchestra. This is one of their best tracks, cosy and intimate with tidal, shivering strings which always make me feel like I’m sheltering from a storm. I made the video with bits of found footage from YouTube – hope you like it.

Cool and Smokey -Thread by Quantifier

Nothing sums up the vibe of this cranky old hi-fi better than Thread by Quantifier. Smokey Blue Note sax and the sound of crackling vinyl float over drifting strings – instant cool.

Through Windows – Euphoric beats by Crookram

Euphoric beats from the dreamier side of Crookram, this starts with twinkling samples from the Space Age and soars through the stratosphere. An all time favourite of mine, Through Windows never fails to put me in a good mood. So high you can smell the ozone…