Get up… Carmen – Waldek

Piano maestro Klaus Waldek plays a kind of clockwork trip-hop on this gorgeous, spooky track. Strange whispers and a haunting clarinet dance around the ghost of Eric Satie.


Pill Party in India

Well that got your attention. Psychedelic groove wizards The Time and Space Machine are remixed here by Psychemagik, adding a monstrous rubber bass line which could eat an entire dancefloor in seconds. This is the kind of freakish beat we need more of.

World Exclusive Grace Jones Remix

A few years ago I was lying in the bath listening to a dreamy instrumental by Grace Jones. Thanks to my musical OCD (nothing’s ever right!) I transformed Don’t Cry it’s Only the Rhythm from the Slave to the Rhythm album into a vocal version by stealing bits from other tracks on the LP. I think it works really well, even if it does go a bit loopy towards the end. Here’s the video I made from found footage…