Slinky Groove of Ephraim Lewis

(starts at 0.15)

This is a beauty from the nineties, with an enigmatic vocal by Ephraim Lewis who stretches like a cat over this slinky, dreamy groove. It was the golden age of chillout parties and this was guaranteed to bring down your heart-rate after a night on the tiles. Sadly the video seems to hint at a troubled man, and almost predicts his mysterious and tragic demise in 1994. Effortless and weighted with impossible maturity, Ephraim Lewis, ladies and gentlemen!


Like a Beach at Dusk – Planet Caravan by Black Sabbath

It’s about as spaced out as you can get, which is why Black Sabbath are on High Tunes. Lead singer Ozzy Osbourne described the atmosphere of this psychedelic gem from 1970 as ‘floating through the universe with your lover.’ Like dusk on a beach this is quietly beautiful (and obviously pre-Sharon.)