Daft Punk – Random Access Memories

Daft Punk Random Access MemoriesNot long to go now! In a few days, Daft Punk release the long-awaited new album, Random Access Memories with their traditional sample-based music replaced with live musicians, jamming and an orchestra. This is the seventies and eighties re-imagined as a funky dream, starring the Godfather of Disco, Giorgio Moroder in a track which The Dafts imagined he should have written. You can listen to Random Access Memories here, streaming free on iTunes


Acid Soul from Leftside Wobble

Leftside Wobble Acid Soul 10

Acid Soul reaches 10 and to celebrate this latest edition is a full 3 hours worth of dot joining, funk fuelled, dance floor deepness. Effortless cool from Leftside Wobble, one of my favourite DJs.