Love Unlimited Orchestra reinvented

This could almost be the new Avalanches single! Joyful reinvention of a disco classic from We Plants Are Happy Plants, whose previous credits include Daft Punk.


Classic Idris Muhammad reinvented by Leftside Wobble

This formed the bedrock of a classic dance tune in the back of beyond (the 90s) so you might recognise this great re-edit of Idris Muhammad’s disco gem.

Kate Bush remixed – An Architect’s Dream (Boogitron Bootleg)

This is how I get my studio tan – by remixing Kate Bush. A chance meeting of the minds lead to this jaunty little version of the sensual slow-burner from the album Aerial, Kate’s great comeback. You probably know the track, but you won’t have heard it quite like this before. Now you can sing into your hairbrush when you get ready for the live shows coming up next month.

Tomorrow’s Never New

The fantastic Mr Leftside Wobble created this remix or re-edit of The Beatles oddity Tomorrow Never Knows, the ancient track which has influenced everyone from The Chemical Brothers to the ‘baggy’ Manchester bands of the 1980s. Sounds like The Beatles had access to a Tardis, doesn’t it? For more of the marvellous Mr. Wobble, check him out here on Soundcloud.