The Sound of Summer

Absolutely gorgeous slinky psychedelic cover version from Yuna, with a sound that Lana Del Ray aimed for and missed. The original version was a laid back track from The Brothers Johnson in 1971, and you can guess what a Strawberry Letter is.


Love Unlimited Orchestra reinvented

This could almost be the new Avalanches single! Joyful reinvention of a disco classic from We Plants Are Happy Plants, whose previous credits include Daft Punk.

Sun Burn from Dirty Art Club

This is a summer High Tune if ever there was one. Dust in the sunbeams and crackles on the turntable. Thanks to Neil at The Found Sound Orchestra for the heads up – this is Dirty Art Club with Sun Burn from their album Vermillion which sounds like a roll in the hay. And also sounds a lot like the Found Sound Orchestra wearing a fake moustache…

Preview the whole album on Bandcamp

Daft Punk – Random Access Memories

Daft Punk Random Access MemoriesNot long to go now! In a few days, Daft Punk release the long-awaited new album, Random Access Memories with their traditional sample-based music replaced with live musicians, jamming and an orchestra. This is the seventies and eighties re-imagined as a funky dream, starring the Godfather of Disco, Giorgio Moroder in a track which The Dafts imagined he should have written. You can listen to Random Access Memories here, streaming free on iTunes