Lampshades on the head with The Found Sound Orchestra

The sun is shining in Blighty and a new cut from the *FSO drops today (or yesterday if you’re in Oz) What could be better?

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Video for Thea – Goldfrapp (Totem mix by The Devious Corporation)

It’s another world exclusive for High Tunes. the first remix of Thea, by Goldfrapp. The original track is taken from the new album, Tales Of Us which is nothing short of stunning. This is my Totem mix, which I made into a spooky movie…

Thea (Totem Mix by The Devious Corporation) – Goldfrapp

I’ve been a-mixing and a-messing with Goldfrapp’s Thea, a standout track from the album Tales Of Us, which is a dream of a record. Coming from the shadows of fairytales, forests and film noir, angry mobs and burning torches. Sit back, relax and grab a spear…

This is a fan made remix, made under creative commons licence, no copyright infringement intended. Tales Of Us is available on iTunes.

Sun Burn from Dirty Art Club

This is a summer High Tune if ever there was one. Dust in the sunbeams and crackles on the turntable. Thanks to Neil at The Found Sound Orchestra for the heads up – this is Dirty Art Club with Sun Burn from their album Vermillion which sounds like a roll in the hay. And also sounds a lot like the Found Sound Orchestra wearing a fake moustache…

Preview the whole album on Bandcamp