Kate Bush remixed – An Architect’s Dream (Boogitron Bootleg)

This is how I get my studio tan – by remixing Kate Bush. A chance meeting of the minds lead to this jaunty little version of the sensual slow-burner from the album Aerial, Kate’s great comeback. You probably know the track, but you won’t have heard it quite like this before. Now you can sing into your hairbrush when you get ready for the live shows coming up next month.


Goldfrapp – Drew (Clockwork Mix)

I got some glowing reviews from the Goldfrapp forum for my remix of Drew from the Tales of Us album. “Evocative and beautiful” is my favourite so far! To celebrate, here’s a video I made from found footage, including some of my own childhood memories of holidays on the Norfolk coast.

Video for Thea – Goldfrapp (Totem mix by The Devious Corporation)

It’s another world exclusive for High Tunes. the first remix of Thea, by Goldfrapp. The original track is taken from the new album, Tales Of Us which is nothing short of stunning. This is my Totem mix, which I made into a spooky movie…

Thea (Totem Mix by The Devious Corporation) – Goldfrapp

I’ve been a-mixing and a-messing with Goldfrapp’s Thea, a standout track from the album Tales Of Us, which is a dream of a record. Coming from the shadows of fairytales, forests and film noir, angry mobs and burning torches. Sit back, relax and grab a spear…

This is a fan made remix, made under creative commons licence, no copyright infringement intended. Tales Of Us is available on iTunes.